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Fall 2009

President's Message
by Bradley Schmidt, P.E., NDSPE President

Dear Fellow ND Engineers,

 Greetings to all of you in this second electronic NDSPE newsletter! We hope you enjoy this new medium to share news of what the NDSPE leadership group is doing to further the grand profession of engineering!

 We continue to work hard on achieving progress in the three key areas we identified early in the NDSPE calendar year: 1) Membership; 2) Education; 3) E-week. Committees are largely in-place and some of them actively working on goals and sharing ideas between the chapter leaders. As you contemplate how you might be a better engineer, I’d ask you three questions:

 1)      Have you encouraged a fellow engineer lately to…

a.       Pursue their professional registration as an engineer?

b.      If they are licensed, to join NDSPE/NSPE?

2)      Have you thought about how you can encourage a young student to consider a career in engineering?

3)      Would you be willing to be an active participant in your local chapter activities during E-week?

 If you can answer ‘Yes’ to any of the above, we’re going to have a great year. If you haven’t thought about them yet, please take a few minutes to do so; we all need to do out best to help promote our profession!

 Speaking of helping out, I was privileged to join several Chapter 4 members serve pizza to 140 engineering students writing their EIT on October 24 at NDSU. They were very appreciative of  Ch 4’s  thoughtfulness…and very hungry! Please take time to help out in your community as an engineer; it’s a great feeling when you give of yourself to help others realize what they want.

 For anyone who’s actively participating in their local community as an engineer, please be sure to log your hours on www.; the goal is to total over 1M hours nationally of volunteer work by engineers!

 The NSPE Continuity Task Force continues its work on the idea of State-only membership for licensed engineers. I’m one of nine NSPE members working on this task force to find a compromise solution to a challenging NSPE membership problem. I do believe a compromise will be found and it will entail a state-only membership option. If so, NDSPE will have to give thought if we want to offer that option.

 I had the privilege of representing NDSPE at the 90th annual meeting of the Manitoba Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists (APEGM). What a grand event it was! They have over 5,000 members in APEGM! Their business meeting was smooth, the conference speaker (a nationally acclaimed science fiction author) was very interesting, and their awards program fantastic!

 NDSPE’s annual meeting is on the horizon…mark your calendars for April 7 – 9th in Grand Forks! Dale Heglund & his committee are working hard to make it a dandy event too!

 Until the next newsletter, here’s hoping you wear out the batteries in your calculator and use up all the ink in your stamp pad!!!

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A Note From The Membership Committee
by Brian Weiss, P.E. - Membership Chair

Did you know that there are 764 Registered Engineers living in the state of North Dakota, however only 145 of those Engineers are members of NDSPE?  One of the goals of the membership committee is to reach out to these Engineers.  In the near future, NDSPE will be sending out a post card with information about NDSPE and asking for their email address so that we can keep them informed through our newsletter and notifying them of meetings and PDH opportunities.  Another focus of the committee is to engage the Engineering Students at UND, NDSU, and Bismarck College with the aspects and benefits of membership into a professional organization as NDSPE.  Local chapters are planning meetings on each of these campuses with engineering student groups to provide an opportunity to network with fellow Engineers.  In conjunction with NSPE, NDSPE is offering free membership for the first year to Engineering students as an effort for them to get to know our organization and its benefits to them as they move toward with their professional careers.


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North Dakota State Board of Registration for PE/LS 
y Cliff Keller

North Dakota State Board of Registration Reorganizes

An election of officers for the North Dakota State Board of Registration was held during the State Board’s meeting in July.  Elected as chairman was Kevin G. Nelson, PE/LS with Gene Jackson, PE/LS being elected as vice-chairman and Dean Wieland, PE was elected board secretary.  The new officers will serve until June 30, 2010.  Other members of the State Board include Wayne Larson, PE and Rolly Ackerman, LS.

Professional Engineer Registrations Continue Their Upswing

In previous issues of this newsletter, we told you about an increase in professional engineer registrations in North Dakota.  During the first nine months of 2009, one hundred, eighty-seven professional engineers have been registered with another thirty to forty more expected before the end of the year.  Of the new registrants in 2009, twenty-two were registered via examination with the remainder begin endorsements from other jurisdictions.   This surge in registrations began in 2008 and has continued since.  At the present time, there are three thousand and eighty-seven active and retired professional engineers registered with the State Board.  Two North Dakota professional engineers, Kevin G. Nelson and KC Homiston passed the required surveying examinations and are now dually registered as PE/LS’s.

The increase in registrations is also evident in the professional land surveyor ranks.  So far in 2009, seventeen professional land surveyors have been registered by the State Board of Registration bringing the total number of active and retired professional land surveyors to two hundred, fifty-two.  Another six to seven individuals are expected to become registered before the end of the year.  The 2009 figures for land surveyors continue an increase that began in 2008. Certificates of Commercial Practice, formerly the Certificates of Authorization have also shown a strong increase.  Sixty-four new companies were registered bringing the active total to four hundred and fifty-three.  This number will increase significantly under the new laws governing the Certificate of Commercial Practice as the new taw extend the applicably of the company registration.  At the present time, fifty-six active and retired dual registrants are registered with the State Board.

 Examinations Schedule and Results

The next examination cycle is slated for April 16 and 17, 2010.  The latest examinations were administered on October 23rd and 24th.  Forty-three individuals took the Principles & Practice of Engineering (PE) examination while two hundred and thirty students signed up to take the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) examination.  The pass rate for the April, 2009 PE examination was 62% while the FE examination pass rate was 71%.

Speaking of Examinations

Progress continues on development of the new ND Land Surveyor Orientation Examination.  A workshop to “dry run” the new examination was held in Bismarck on September 11th.   Approximately twenty professional land surveyors took various versions of the proposed multiple choice examination that is slated to replace the presently used Take Home Orientation Examination.  The examination is expected to be a two hour closed book examination consisting of sixty multiple choice questions.  The examination would be administered at the State Board Office at various times during the year.  Computer programs will allow the staff to construct various versions of the examination by random selection of questions from the examination question databank that was developed at previous workshops. 

NCEES has announced that the required ten jurisdictions have requested development of a software development PE examination.  The next step will be to develop the examination, a process that is expected to take from two to three years.  An important note for structural engineers.  NCEES is in the process of changing the PE examination structure for structural engineering.  At present, Structural I and Structural II are separate eight hour PE examinations.  Beginning in April, 2011, a new sixteen hour structural examination will be offered.  The last time the  separate Structural I and Structural II PE examinations will be offered is October, 2010.  The separate Structural PE’s will also be offered in April of 2010.  More information about the examination are available at

 Board to Conduct Hearing on Administrative Rules

The changes that SB-2268 made to NDCC Chapter 43-19.1 became effective on August 1, 2009.  The implementation of those changes will eventually be seen in NDAC Title 28.  The State Board has been working on these proposed changes during recent meetings of the Board with discussions continuing.  Once the Board has completed its recommendations for the proposed rule changes, they will be compiled into a document that will be made available for public comment and input and will serve as the basis for the proposed public hearing that will be held but has yet to be scheduled.  You can review the progress made by the State Board thus far by going to the Board webpage (  At the homepage, click on the green highlighted word “Here” and it will take you to a document showing the changes proposed by the State Board so far.  Underlined portions indicate new language and overstruck portions indicate language to be deleted.  It is important to note that this is a document in progress; it is by no means complete at this time as the State Board continues its discussions on proposed changes.  Once the final document has been completed, it will be published and a public hearing will be scheduled and the public will be invited to the hearing to testify on the proposed changes as well as having the opportunity to submit written comments to the board.  Current information will be posted to the webpage as it develops.  Some notable changes in the law include the term “professional land surveyor” as opposed to “registered land surveyor”.  Company registrations will now be known as Certificates of Commercial Practice and the number of exemptions from this requirement has been reduced.  Engineers In Training and Surveyors In Training will henceforth be known as engineer interns and surveyor interns.  Under the new law, the State Board will now have six months from the date a complaint is received to dismiss the complaint or hold a disciplinary hearing; this is an increase from ninety days.  The other major change you will notice is that the qualifications for engineer and surveyor registration have been removed from the NDAC but will continue to be listed in the NDCC so as to avoid confusion when they were contained in both the NDAC and the NDCC.  Prior to enactment of the new law, engineer in training certificates expired after twelve years.  This meant that if the PE examination was not successfully completed during that period, the FE examination would have to be retaken before the PE could be taken.  The new law makes the engineer in training certificate non-expiring. 

Renewals for 2010 Certificates of Commercial Practice Being Sent Out.

As this newsletter is being sent out, the 2010 renewals for the Certificates of Commercial Practice (COPP) are being sent out.  The annual renewal fee remains unchanged at $100.00.  What may change is that your employer may have, in the past, been exempt from securing a Certificate of Authorization which was the predecessor to the COPP, but is no longer exempt.  The State Board will be contacting these employers for compliance requirements. 

 CPC Benchmarks At Hand

 By the time you read this, about half of the 2009 – 2010 CPC reporting period will have gone by.  How are you doing on meeting your 2009 – 2010 CPC requirements?  December, 2010 may seem to be far in the future now but if you wait until the twelveth hour to think about your CPC, you may be in trouble.  At this point, nothing proposed by the State Board will affect the CPC Rules and Regulations.

 New Applications Posted to Webpage

 New applications for professional engineer and professional surveyor registrations and examinations as well as for the Fundamentals of Engineering and Fundamentals of Surveying have been developed.  All of the new applications are available at the State Board’s webpage as are instructions for their completion.  The applications can be completed online but cannot be directly transmitted to the State Board Office; they must be printed and then sent to the Board office along with the appropriate fee.  The examination application deadlines continue to be January 2nd for April examinations and July 1st for October examinations.

About the Webpage

The webpage has been updated.  Please take the time to look through it and send us your comments.  We are always looking for news and current events regarding your profession so if there is something that should be on the “News” page, please email us and we’ll get it posted.  Or if you have a suggestion for a newsletter article, contact the State Board office.

Next Board Meeting

The next scheduled meeting of the State Board of Registration is set for December 2, 2009.  This is a teleconference meeting and is open to the public.  The meeting can be attended at the State Board office.  Please refer to the webpage for a complete listing of future meetings of the State Board of Registration.

 Have You Moved Lately?

 The next issue of the State Board Newsletter will be printed and sent out before the end of the year. If you do not receive a copy of the newsletter, it is probably due to your failure to provide the State Board office with your most current address.  It is easy to keep the board informed of your current address – go the webpage and click on “Contact Us” and complete the information.

  For more information, contact the State Board office at 701-258-0786.

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 Annual Meeting

 The North Dakota Society of Professional Engineers will hold  their 69th Annual Meeting in Grand Forks, ND on April 12-14, 2010. The theme for this year's conference is transportation.

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