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Why should you join NDSPE and more than 50,000 of your colleagues as a member of NSPE?

  • NDSPE and NSPE open doors to valuable personal and professional contacts

  • NDSPE and NSPE offer opportunities for your continuing education and career development

  • NDSPE and NSPE work to enhance your profession’s public image

  • NDSPE and NSPE give you free career-advancing information


As part of your membership in NSPE, you are eligible to receive fifteen (15) free professional development hours. These PDHs can be earned online.

Select the appropriate option below to pay your membership dues online.​

Discover how NDSPE & NSPE supports PEs year-round:


​Monitoring legislative threats shouldn’t be your concern. We protect your PE license at the local, state, and national level, so you can focus on work that protects public safety.


Adhering to ethical engineering practices is what sets professional engineers apart. NSPE offers a network of guidance and expertise when you encounter an ethical dilemma.


Keeping up to date with continuing education allows you to maintain licensure as a requirement in many states, and helps you continue learning best practices and advancements in the profession.


Networking can be challenging. No matter where you are in your career, it’s always good to know you have a community to turn to for career opportunities, support, and insight.

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